About Autoprodazh 2.0

The second version of the car-parts automatized sales system Autoprodazh 2.0 has been released. Now new and more useful features are available. We are ready to offer solutions for companies of all sizes: from a small store to a network of outlets with many warehouses.

Why is Autoprodazh 2?

  • If the inventory and clients in a notebook or MS Excel is no longer appropriate?
  • If there is no strength to keep all orders in place in all vendor programs in memory
  • If you're tired of finding items that might be on your stock?
  • If it's time to think about is your software is licensed?
  • If the "work" with limited universal accounting programs requires more and more time and resources?
  • If there is a desire to open a second trading point, and how to keep track of the work of the warehouses is not clear?
  • If ...

There are already answers to these and many other questions - this is a specialized system of inventory accounting and sales of automotive parts Autoprodazh 2.0.

Briefly about the main advantages of the new version of the system of accounting and sales of spare parts:

  1. Full integration with Intercards, AD Autotechnics, Elit, Busmarket, and others. Ability to create your own spare parts catalog, full-featured search and product selection.
  2. Multislot - the ability to keep track of multiple sales outlets and warehouses.
  3. Possibility to transfer warehouse balances and customer base from 1C or other systems (individually).
  4. A powerful system of statistics and analysis of transaction data, sales dynamics and revenue. Updated statistical reports.
  5. Use one of the best & nbsp; database server to work with large volumes of data and get high reliability of data storage.
  6. Complete financial accounting of operations and expenses of the store, client accounts and a flexible system of mark-ups and discounts. Accounts Receivable, Estimating the Efficiency of Workers at Shopping outlets.
  7. Licensed purity: The program does not use any paid components or unlicensed parts.
  8. Flexible system of work with orders, convenient, tested in practice tools for planning assortment of warehouse and work with orders and supplies of goods.

You can, at the time convenient for you, try Autoprodazh 2.0 in demo mode by installing the program and receiving an activation key from the support service of the co-workers for free.

Links for downloading the client part of the program: Autoprodazh 2 client (for registered users).

The info for login into software, username: manager password: first