An update of AutoSelling has been released

In the next update of the system, an online chat with the support service has been added directly to the system. Now users can ask a question from where they are and immediately get an answer. Customer support responds via live chat even on weekends.
In the Accounting section, added the ability to generate reconciliation acts for clients for a certain period. Read more at


Selection and sale of spare parts in AutoSelling

There is a new short video about the search and selection of spare parts in our system. Search by the original code, by words, transition on crosses, creation of the order. Write comments or questions on the functionality under the video.

Spare parts suppliers integration news

autoselling-logoWe continue to develop the functionality of AutoSelling. We have added two more suppliers which has implemented API-interaction with AutoSelling. These are Elit Ukraine and ASG. A complete list of companies with which there is already full integration is: Elit, ASG: Busmarket, UnicTrade and Omega.

AutoSelling new pre-release

autoselling-logoThe main innovation of the release was the integration with the web-API of the first three suppliers: Busmarket, Unique-Trade and Omega Auto Supply . Now the user can request the actual availability of the required part with one "Update" button, and get its prices and availability in all warehouses of these suppliers.

Website lunching

autoselling-logoWe are pleased to announce that the website is launching on April 11. It contains information about our CRM-system for online and offline shops for the accounting and sale of auto parts, history of our customers, tariffs, video on the program. We look forward to receiving product and site feedback at:


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