Video of our clients

Our clients share their experience of using new version of the system. One of them shows the process of search and choosing the spare parts in the system:

Accounting in Autoselling

Autoselling financial unit development completed: full account cash flow, cost transactions, cash withdrawals and cash income. There is a balance sheet for reconciling payments with suppliers and customers. History of stocking operations, auto parts sales. We also implemented customer bonus accounts for a loyalty accumulation system. By the end of February, plans are to add a selection of spare parts for the car, and to store it in the base. Imports of stock rests from "1C" will be implemented for comfortable migration.

Autoselling 3 - Autoselling

autoselling-logoVery pleased to announce to our partners and new customers that beta testing of the third version of the system has started since December: , a domain is already registered and a new web-site is under construction. In the next news, expect feature descriptions, presentations and screen shots.

New release of the system Autoprodazh 2.0

The new release of Autoprodazh 2.0 system, version 2.7.12. is ready. The link for downloads (for registered users only): Autoprodazh 2 client or in downloads.


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